Mcdonald's is not exactly the first place I would go to when looking for some fast food when I leave a long gym session at Crunch, but when Chipotle gets too expensive as a quick, post-workout meal it really does come in handy for a quick, desperate meal.

So can someone explain to me why in the heck do we not have a Mcdonald's in Georgia? If not, let me explain 3 reasons why we should have one.


#1 The Nearest McDonalds Is All The Way Towards Western

I mean, technically it's not really a long drive down I-40 to get to Western to reach the nearest Mickey D's but let's be honest, this is America and like any American, I want my McDonalds within arms to reach, meaning that I don't really have to go out of my way to get a big mac.

#2 There Are So Many Franchise Fast-Food Restaurants Already Down Georgia

Canes, Sharkys, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger, Chipotle, Burger King. I could go on but I'm not because I'm sure you guys get the idea. Georgia is the center for Amarillo's fast-food choices, and somehow Mcdonald's is not there. Tell me if that makes sense because it doesn't. And if you think "Well good because McDonalds is such an unhealthy place to eat" I'd have to say you're right, but neither are any of the other options on Georgia.

#3 It Would Be The Cheapest Option Down Georgia

So I know that fast food restaurants are abundant down Georgia but here's the thing, I want cheaper options. Chipotle is great but too expensive, and Whataburger is pretty cheap but I want more options than that. What I'm really saying here is that I want more cheap options besides Burger King and Whataburger, is that really a lot to ask for?

I know I sound like a fat kid going on a rant over why we need a Mcdonalds, but this is something that has always been pressing on my mind. So what do you guys think? Does Georgia really need a Mcdonalds, or are you satisfied with Georgia's options?

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