Recently, while scrolling through the vast expanse of the internet, I stumbled upon an intriguing blog post titled "Beware The Peril Of This Secret Amarillo Devil Tree" that was dedicated to a haunted tree in Thompson Park.

I delved deeper into the post, and although it seemed outdated with missing photos and an awkward feel to the page, I found myself immersed in tales of shadowy apparitions surrounding this tree. The author's tales about this tree made me wonder why I have not heard of this tree. So I began to look for proof of this haunted tree

This blog post initially caught my attention, shedding light on a certain tree within Thompson  Park. It is said to possess an insatiable hunger, allegedly consuming not only the bodies but also the souls of unfortunate individuals who venture too close.

According to this blog, an Amarillo resident once recounted a spine-tingling tale from his childhood. He vividly remembered his older brother's disappearance after a fateful encounter with the enigmatic tree.

“When I was five,” says one Amarillo resident, “my older brother went missing; he’s never been found, and he never will.


Apparently, this resident's account is not an isolated incident. According to the blog numerous locals have shared their own encounters with this mysterious tree. Some claim to have witnessed it opening up, while others insist they heard the distant cries of tormented souls emanating from beneath the ground nearby.

Those who have seen any activity from the tree at all claim that there is a sulfurous odor which occasionally emits from the tree, and that if the day (or, God forbid, night) is very quiet, you can hear the far-off screaming of the damned coming from beneath the ground surrounding the tree.

Searching For The Tree

All of these accounts truly made me wonder "Does this tree even exist"? First I took to Amarillo's subreddit page and did not even mind a mention of this tree. Then I sifted through Amarillo's Facebook groups and even Amarillo's paranormal Facebook groups to try and find out more about this tree and still found nothing.

I even took to Google Maps, attempting to find any tree that looked out of place. But at night, it seems like any of these trees could look haunted.

google maps
google maps

Sadly my goose-chase for proof of this haunted tree's existence came to a dead end. There were no man-eating trees that stuck out.

Although there is little to no evidence of this tree's existence, the simple thought of it is pretty spooky. It's entirely possible that it's out there hiding among the countless trees at Thompson  Park. But it's also possible that it may have been cut down along with the many other trees that the City of Amarillo has cut down in the past few years, there's no way of knowing.

So remember if you're walking through Thompson Park at night and you hear a funny sound or get a strange feeling, just know that the trees could be watching.

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