A Recap 

So a couple of months ago, I took note of the sparking rivalry between two franchises that could become the caffeinated equivalent of the Pak-A-Sak vs Toot-N-Totem rivalry in Amarillo.

Dutch Bros and Scooters Coffee have introduced a new level of convenience to Amarillo's coffee market with their drive-through business models.

Dutch Bros started the trend, opening its first location and bringing in a surprising amount of traffic, with people ranting and raving over Amarillo's new choice for caffinated beverages.

The Current Landscape

Not long after Dutch Bros introduction into Amarillo, another drive through coffe-stop came onto the scene. Scooters Coffee also opened a location early last year and just recently opened another last week off of Georgia and 34th.

With their small, accessible, and likely cheaper-to-build locations, it makes sense that locations can just pop up here and there in order to dominate different parts of Amarillo.

And not long after construction began on the Scooters Georgia location, guess who also began construction on the other end of town.

You guessed it, Dutch Bros.

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

Likely to open in the not-too-distant future Dutch Bros has a location being built.

As of right now we already have 3 locations built, and with this next one Dutch Bros will finally establish itself further into the western areas of Amarillo, appealing to customers of that area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So its safe to say that Scooters, although it has some very good positioning on Georgia and Western, definitely will have some catching up considering the fact that the only have 2 current locations, in comparison to Dutch Bros' 3 locations that are currently running and 1 that is under construction at the moment.

TSM Anthony Hernandez


Although location is essential to any business's sucess, another factor that may be one of the highest predicators of a businesse's sucess is simply whether or not the product is good or not or what more people prefer.

So which do you prefer Dutch Bros or Scooters?

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