Michael Savage was at it again the other night.  'At it' being saying bombastic things that are too close to truth to be comfortable.  He has a hard core take on Mitt Romney.  He need to 'be Scott Walker'.

Scott Walker survived a recall election in Wisconsin.  He did it by not lying to voters, not sugarcoating the issues and being painfully frank.

Dr. Savage has implored Romney to 'learn something' from Walker's successful campain.

“Learn that Scott Walker says it like it is, and stop mincing words,” Savage said.

“There’s no question in my mind that this victory in Wisconsin spells the end of Obama’s tyranny over the American people – that is unless they can get enough illegal aliens to vote as many times as possible,” Savage told his “Savage Nation” listeners.

Romney also could learn from Walker’s willingness to talk about his faith, Savage said, noting that after his victory, Walker spoke out about the importance of people praying for him.

“Here’s a man who said the people’s prayers sustained him,” Savage said. “On the other hand,” referring to Obama, “we have a narcissistic atheist.”