Michael Savage on The New 940 KIXZ is always entertaining, often informative and occasionally bombastic.  This is about one of those incredulously bombastic moments.

In a recent speech the president discussed things many chief executives has expounded on; the building of the United States' infrastructure and how 'WE' did it.

Michael Savage doesn't see it that way.  He wonders what Obama was doing when 'we' built all our vast infrastructure, smoking dope?

Art Stevens was on Dr. Savage's show when Michael discussed the issue.  He took such umbrage he has taken to his column to bash not only The Savage Nation but Talk Radio in general.

Stevens believes that money and greed are the reasons talk show hosts are so angry and irrational.  He thinks it pays to be crazy.

Obviously if the state of our country and our president has driven you to mental anguish you still must grin and bear it.

Read the bombastic column about bombastic remarks.