In case you find the break between Haloween and Thanksgiving to be too uneventful, here's an event for all to come and enjoy. The Working Ranch Cowboys Association is holding their 27th Annual World Championchip starting November 9th.

Founded in 1995 here in Amarillo, the WRCA Association and the WRCA Foundation works to keep the spirit of ranching alive in West Texas, hosting rodeos and raising money to support ranchers, cowboys, and their families.And of course, The WRCA World Championchip is one of their largest events held, bringing ranchers, cowboys and audiences from all over the southwest to come compete or watch.

Unlike most rodeos, the events that take place at the WRCA World Championchip are for the working cowboy. Events include Ranch Bronc Riding, Stray Gathering, Team Branding, Team Penning, and a Wild Horse Race. With these novel events, the WRCA offers its audience a unique experience.

Don't think the events end in the arena though, there are four days worth of entertainment for visitors. On each day of the World Championchip, in the hours preceding the rodeo, there will be ranch equipment expos, trade shows, horse shows, brunches, auctions, and even a cowboy poetry showcase.

With one of the biggest ranching events in the southwest area around the corner, now is the chance to get your tickets relatively early. Even if you are not involved in the ranching scene, this is an event for all to come. If you've lived in Texas for any period of time and have never been to a rodeo, now is the time to come and fulfill your obligation as a Texan to have at least attended one Rodeo.

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