Is it me or does it seem like every company has its own streaming services? For a while, Netflix might have been your main go-to for streaming. You had a good catalog, and you could easily find a movie to watch for the night in less than 3 minutes. Well, with the abundance of platforms such as; HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, Peacock, or Prime Video, it should be easier to find a decent movie to watch, right? 

Well, for most viewers that doesn't seem to be the case. According to a study done by Accenture, "60% percent of consumers find the process of navigating between these different services frustrating and do not find the content they are paying for relevant to them." And with the way that streaming companies such as Netflix or Disney have been pumping out content with no substance, this is no surprise. It feels like it's all fluff, no entertainment. No wonder it takes us 30 just to find something to watch.

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I mean seriously, what ever happened to Netflix that brought us masterpieces like Stranger Things or Daredevil? It didn't seem like it was so long ago that you would get excited over a new series coming out on a streaming platform. But now it feels like a gamble on whether you'll be satisfied with your viewing experience or not.

Its crazy to think that at one time streaming was the response to cable television, offering a  wide array of things to watch. But now, the problem is not having too few options, but having too many options.

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