A road rage incident between two women drivers ended eventfully at the Amarillo Police Department and includes injuries to a police officer.

Early Saturday morning a driver called 911 to report that another driver was tailing her and ramming her car repeatedly.  The dispatcher instructed the caller to drive toward the police department downtown.  The two vehicles were later witnessed entering the parking lot at a high rate of speed by a police officer ending his shift.

The two vehicles drove through the parking lot and the assailant continued to ram the victim's vehicle.  They exited the parking lot and got onto South Taylor Street.  The victim led the assailant on circular route back to the APD parking lot.  The off duty officer drew his weapon and commanded both drivers to stop, preventing another lap of the impromptu demolition derby.

The officer made contact with the assailant but she refused to exit her vehicle.  When the officer attempted to turn the car off, she put the car in gear and accelerated with the officer half in and half out of the vehicle.  The car eventually crashed into a concrete barrier.  Several other officers came to the assistance of the first and took the assailant into custody.  The officer sustained injuries to his lower body during the incident, the assailant was unhurt.

Corina Lechuga Dawn, 40 was taken into custody and booked in the Potter County jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a public servant.

The officer was treated for his injuries and released.