Last night during the weekly Amarillo City Council meeting a report on the state of the police department was presented.

KRW Associates was contracted by the city to evaluate and recommend changes to the police department.  They compiled information over six months.  Over 300 personnel and residents were surveyed for the report.  Focus groups were also held throughout the community.

52 key issues and observations were discovered and 49 recommendations made.  The report focused on three main areas, organizational climate and culture, community policing, and vision, mission and values.

Specifically KRW found trust eroding in the department partially due to communication primarily through email, cynical attitudes within the department, and inadequate radio issues.  The report also recommends the APD becomes more active in the community.

A KRW spokesperson claims other cities police force's they have evaluated have adopted over 90% of their recommendations.

Interim City Manager Terry Childers said at the meeting the city plans to adopt the recommendations and will be implemented by the as yet unnamed new police chief.