Administration yet to take a position or stance against Qaddafi's advancement.

Libya's state television has called on all armed forces to join the pro-Qaddafi forces advance towards Benghazi as Qaddafi's son says the rebel stronghold will fall to government forces within 48 hours.

"All the armed forces in the eastern area who have not joined the traitors are called upon to join the forces as they advance towards Benghazi," the message said, according to Reuters.

Saif al-Qaddafi told France-based Euronews Wednesday that any decision taken by the United Nations would come "too late," according to Sky News.

"Everything will be over in 48 hours," he told Euronews.

This comes as Muammar al-Qaddafi intensified offensives in the east and the west Wednesday with relentless shelling aimed at routing holdout rebels and retaking control of the country he has ruled with an iron fist for more than four decades.