Sources report that Qaddafi was shot in both legs and in the head near his hometown of Sirte today. This marks a huge milestone for the rebel army in Lybia.

"Qaddafi is dead. He is absolutely dead ... he was shot in both legs and in the head. The body will be arriving in Misrata soon," media spokesman Abdullah Berrassali told Sky News.

While the world is still waiting on %100 confirmation that Qaddafi really is dead, fighters report that they have seen the body and have even posted a photo of what looks to be a dead or wounded Qaddafi.

Officials in the White House are monitoring the developments closely, but have still yet to confirm that this is the body of the Lybian leader. Hillary Clinton has stated that her department is attempting to confirm the reports as soon as possible.

This could be a great step in the battle overseas, but it is no-where near over.