Have you seen Turbo? He's a prairie dog who is also known by the name "Little Mean Bean" and he's been missing from his home in Amarillo for the past two days. His owner, Danielle, is understandably concerned and asks for the public's help locating her furry friend.

Danielle and her family have been searching for Turbo in their yard, but he seems to have disappeared. The prairie dog's home is near 15th and Washington, so he is likely to be somewhere in the nearby vicinity.


Turbo is a small prairie dog who is neutered and about three years old. He only weighs about two pounds, which may be hard to spot.

Unlike most other lost Animals, this one may be a bit easier to spot if you see a Prarie Dog named "Little Mean Bean" scurrying around the Washington area. Turbo's safety is of the utmost importance. Prairie dogs are social creatures that thrive in colonies, so being away from his family is likely causing him a great deal of stress. He could also be in danger from the weather, car, or other predatory animals.

In situations like Turbo's, it's important to act quickly and spread the word. Posting flyers in the local community, contacting local animal shelters and rescue organizations, and utilizing social media platforms to share Turbo's story can help increase the chances of finding him.

Let's come together as a community and help Danielle and her family find Turbo. By spreading the word and keeping an eye out, we can increase the chances of Turbo's safe return home.

If you do see him, please call his owner, Danielle at 806-444-5486.

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