The Inn of Amarillo, popular with Route 66 motorists in the 60's and 70's, is now a problem the city is attempting to address.

Over the last decade the Amarillo Police Department has responded to around 150 calls at the property and continue to patrol it daily.  It's been called a dangerous structure and a hazard to the community.  It is a magnet for criminal activity and many are ready to see it demolished.

Unfortunately the owner of the property cannot afford to raze the land and seemingly the only solution is to have the city bear the cost of destroying the once vibrant motel.  And a high cost it will be.

According to the city the lowest bid they've received for the project is $777,000.  The cost for just the asbestos abatemate is $600,000.

Options include the city council issuing a Certificate of Obligation debt or borrow against the general fund, comprised of tax payer dollars.

The council will hold a vote next week with expected demolition of the Inn of Amarillo to be completed in six months.


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