You may not look forward to Mondays, but online retailers sure do — it’s frequently the biggest day of the week for cyber-shopping.

During this past holiday season, sales on Cyber Monday — the first workday after the Thanksgiving weekend — hit an all-time high, with consumers doling out some $1.25 billion. One week later, e-sales totaled $1.17 billion, and just a week after that, shoppers spent another $1.13 billion online. The string of Mondays rank as the three most profitable days of the year for internet retailers.

But holidays aside, Mondays are still popular with online shoppers.

Mark Vadon, a founder of jewelry retailing website Blue Nile, believes it’s because people spend less time on their computers over the weekend — but are ready to shop when they arrive back at work. “Your peak in any time zone is around lunchtime, when people are sitting at their desk and they’re taking a little bit of a break and they’re shopping,” he said.

Claudia Lombana, a shopping specialist at eBay and PayPal, concurred. “People are sitting at their desk at work, thinking about things they didn’t get done over the weekend, the errands they didn’t get to run, the things they didn’t get to purchase,” she said.

“And,” she added, “sometimes they have that saying, a case of the Mondays.”

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