So, this story isn't really anything new. It first broke back in July of 2001 and resurfaced a couple years ago.

If you played the Monopoly game at McDonald's from 1995 to 2001, you had NO CHANCE of winning. And no, that doesn't have to do with the overall odds of the game and how unlikely it was to get Boardwalk. Well, actually, it kind of does because the chances of you getting Boardwalk were zero.

How? A man by the name of Jerry Jacobson, a former police officer, had rigged the game so he had all the rare game pieces. Jacobson was the man in charge of overseeing the printing of all the game pieces and he would take the winning pieces and give them to friends in exchange for a cut of the money.

Fifty people in all were arrested in 2001 and the trial started September 10th, 2001. Something big happened the next day which caused everyone to forget about it. Well, if you want more on this scam, HBO has a new documentary coming out all McMillions.

The 6-part McMillions will premiere on HBO February 3rd.

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