Thursday morning around 3am a man rammed his truck into an Amarillo home.

The resident of the stricken home told police she knew the driver of the truck through acquaintances.  She says she had talked to the suspect at a restaurant earlier in the evening.  After she left the business she began receiving calls and texts from the suspect.  He eventually went to her home and knocked on the front door repeatedly.  He allegedly threatened to break in if she did not let him inside.

According to the victim, after refusing to open the door for the suspect he allegedly drove his 2014 Dodge pickup into the wall of the home causing extensive damage.  He then got out of the pickup and threatened the victim again.  He then fled the scene in the truck.

Officers followed a trail of debris to the apartment in the 7500 block of Hillside where it was believed the suspect lived.  Police found truck parked in an open garage with extensive damage.

The suspect was found in an upstairs apartment.  He initially tried to escape but was soon apprehended by the authorities.

He was booked in Randall County Jail for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and for Evading Arrest/Detention.


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