It's no secret. We love murals in Amarillo. We even have our own mural festival downtown. According to a press release from the City of Amarillo, it looks like we could be getting a lot more.

Grants For Murals

The City announced today that businesses who have been wanting to get a mural, but have stopped short because of cost, will be able to get help in becoming part of the growing number of business that have given up part of their building to art.

The City Will Basically Reimburse Half The Cost To Get Some Paint On The Wall

In the example given in the press release, if getting a mural done costs you $5,000 the city will reimburse you for $2,500. That's not a bad deal. The program will be available in the four quadrants of the city and the Central Business District.

I think that's a fancy way of saying, "Hey Yellow City, want some ink?" Sounds like the whole city can get in on this.

Amarillo On Its Way To Becoming Mural Mecca

Never in my life, in all of the places that I've lived, have I ever heard so much talk about murals. It seems like murals are taking up more and more of the conversation around here.

I'm fine with that.

If Amarillo wants to be Mural Mecc of the High Plains, then so be it. Honestly, the addition of murals in several neighborhoods has really improved the view. It's a nice surprise when you're lost downtown and you come across one these works of art.

If you have a business and want to get a mural done so you can be like the cool kids, go to Amarillo.Gov and click on "City Initiatives."

Seriously, this is pretty cool news. Can't wait to see what new murals we get.

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