The first known use of 'The Shell Game' was recorded in 1890.

This variation on 'Three Card Monte' is straight forward. The performer picks a 'mark' from the crowd and shows him/her a pea located under one of three (or more) shells.

A wager is then made and the performer shuffles the shells, while the spectator tries to keep their eye on the one the pea is under.

The first two or three times things fall in the favor of the 'mark,' but as the confidence grows, so does the sleight of hand.

Although this has been performed many times on street corners in the big cities, magicians also use this as a form of entertainment (without monetary gain).

The phrase that comes to mind is, 'the hand is quicker than the eye.'

That is, unless your a laid back white cat, named Kido.

Now, if only this feline could count cards.


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