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Sometimes my brain amazes me.

There are lots of things I forget. There are lots of things in which I have unclear recollections. But one thing I have a clear recollection of is my first phone telephone number.

I do not remember when it was given to me. I assume it was my mother who told me when I was a kid. But my brain can bring it up right now. My first number was 585-3089. How in the world does my brain still remember that after all these years?

My first phone number is not all that I remember from that time many years ago. I remember the name of our first cat. His name was Jellico. I also remember he was named after the town in Tennessee where my parents got married. Oh btw, their 50th anniversary is in 10 days. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

I also remember the name of our first dog. He was a terrier named Kasey. I can still see him.

It is funny too. I can still recollect part of my second phone number when we moved. It was 257-something-something. I cannot even remember my current phone number at times, so it is just amazing to me how my brain works.

I wonder who my first number belongs to now. Should I call it? The area code was 216 at the time, although that may have changed. If you would like to call it for me, feel free and tell me who answered.

So, what are some of your first early memories? Do you remember your first telephone number? Your first cat? Your first dog? Let us know on Facebook or on our station app.

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