We all want our kids to have great dental hygiene.  We teach them to brush their teeth after every meal and floss, and some parents also encourage mouthwash.

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If you or your family uses the TheraBreath Kids Strawberry Splash in the 16 oz bottle, and it was purchased from Amazon, between May 31 and September 02, 2023, discontinue use of the product.

Church & Dwight Co. has recalled this specific lot of the TheraBreath Kids Strawberry Splash.  The company found a contamination in the batch that included the presence of yeast, Candida parapsilosis.


The lot number of the recall is #PA3083011


No other TheraBreath products or other lots of TheraBreath Kids Strawberry have been affected.  Just this particular lot.

The company has not received any reports of illness or injury due to the use of the recalled product.

The product poses no risk to healthy children, while it could potentially pose a health risk to immune-compromised children.

If you have purchased the product contact Consumer Relations at 1-800-981-4710, before throwing the product away and the company will provide a refund.  If you have any further questions, you can also contact the number above during business hours.

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