It's not something that gets a whole ton of press in Amarillo, which you would think would mean good things. However, some things are kept a bit more quiet for a reason, even if it shouldn't be.

Just because we don't hear too much about child abuse happening within the city, it is prevalent. It's something no child should ever have to go through, and as a parent, it angers me to my core.

Yes, kids are difficult. They challenge you, your sanity, and patience. However, there is never a reason to abuse your child. April is the month where we bring nothing but light to it and trying to prevent it from happening to another child.

Amarillo has several events going on around it, and it would be great for all of us to get out there and support at least one of these events. Children are supposed to be innocent and be able to enjoy life without fear.


The first step to ending child abuse is to bring light to it. That's why the Bridge Children's Advocacy Center is bringing back their annual Pinwheels of Prevention. Today, they planted 1,021 colored pinwheels that you can see from afar.

Each pinwheel represents a child they came in contact with and interviewed in 2023. That's a lot of kids, scary and sad when you really think about it. You can see all these pinwheels lined along the lawn at Bridge.


If you don't know, blue is the official color of the child abuse prevention movement. On Wednesday, April 3, many different organizations will gather at Cadillac Ranch and spray paint each car out there blue.

The event will take place at 10 am, and they'll even provide the spray paint for you. They're asking if you do come out to please wear blue.


On April 12, look for as much blue as you can find and wear it to work, school, or on social media. The idea is to flood the community and social media with as much blue as possible to bring awareness to the movement.

This is another event being coordinated by Bridge and when you post those photos of yourself, you and your family or co-workers wearing your blue, use the hashtags #goblueday and #thebridgecac to help trend it.

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