Blame it on the GPS. Somehow you find yourself way out in the middle of nowhere in the Texas panhandle, and the endless horizon gets interrupted by an ugly brown sign pointing out the location of a historical marker.

You've passed by this town on HWY 60, and never knew you didn't see it.

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Parmerton, TX: The Texas Town You've Driven By Without Noticing

Usually, when it comes to ghost towns, there's something left behind. Not the case with Parmerton. There on HWY 60 in Parmer County, out in the middle of nowhere, is the site where the one time Parmer County seat used to reside.

Things started out okay for Parmerton. There was a courthouse built up on a hill, marking the halfway point between Bovina and Friona. They had the ability to successfully grow wheat.

Parmerton even got its own post office. Things were looking good for the fledgling town.

A Doomed Reign As The County Seat

Like Icarus, Parmerton flew too close to the sun. They went and got themselves named the county seat in May of 1907. This would be the catalyst for Parmerton's undoing.

According to the Texas Historical Commission, once Parmerton was named the county seat, a movement quickly sprang up to undo the decision. That same year, in December, a second vote would be held.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

That election would strip Parmerton of its title, and hand it over to rival town Farwell. Soon after, all important county documents were moved to the new county seat.

The post office would close in 1908. According to the historical marker, everyone in town packed up and left. They took it all, including the buildings.

The Sad Ending For A One Time County Seat

Though its reign as county seat didn't last long, for a moment Parmerton had center stage. All that's left now is a historical marker and the railroad switch out in the middle of nowhere on HWY 60 in the Texas panhandle.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

It's surprising what we pass by all of the time, without realizing we're passing it by. Traveling down HWY 60, you pass by a place where lives were lived. Meals were shared. A whole town hoped to rise and flourish.

Now, there's nothing but vast fields and a horizon.

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