These past few months have been a crazy and strange period for Borger.

Started the year off with a tragic explosion that shook the town to its core, another explosion that took place earlier this month, and Mcdonald's getting rammed into by a truck it seems like now has been a strange time for the city of Borger.

But thankfully, this new oddity is a bit more lighthearted

Earlier today a post by a local Facebook page showed a video of a strange street encounter with a 4-hoofed fellow.

No your eyes do not deceive you, that is an actual bull roaming the streets of Borger.

From where? We don't know. Why? It's a mystery. All that we know is that this bull is free and on a mission.

If the situation itself wasn't funny enough, just wait until you read the comments on this post.

My man Ferdinand just trying to go back home y’all leave him alone

-David Gutierrez


It's cow farm you gonna see cows outside

-Makayla Renee Figueroa



When she says “come over”

-Justin Mann


Should probably advise people to steer clear of that street….later, I’m hoofing it out of here.

-Greg Harms



Just out getting his cardio workout done

-Anita Graham


Although watching this and reading through the comments will definitely give you a chuckle, this video does make you wonder "Where in the heck did this cow come from"? I mean seriously I get that the Panhandle is full of ranches but still, how long would it take for someone to notice an entire bull is gone?

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