Have you ever noticed Amarillos welcome sign? It's that big blue slab that has Amarillo in white letters that sits right outside of town. That's our welcome sign. That's one of the first things tourists see when they come to town. So let's talk about a few ideas that could really improve this sign.

Ideas to improve the sign

First thing is first. Why is the sign blue and not yellow? Amarillo is Spanish for yellow which Amarillo earned due to the soil color on the nearby banks of Amarillo Creek and the abundant yellow wildflowers during the spring and summer.

Also, why is there not a single Amarillo landmark in there like Route 66, Palo Duro Canyon, Cadillac Ranch, the Big Texan. All of these things are a giant staple in Amarillo. I can also say the same thing about big businesses like Bell Helicopter and Pantex.

And sports teams here in the panhandle like the Sod Poodles, Amarillo Venom, Or even the new hockey team the Amarillo Wranglers could even be on the welcome sign.

I think what I'm trying to say is anything that is a staple here in the city of Amarillo could be on the welcome sign. Honestly, anything would be better than the boring white letters that we have now.

Jordan Richardson
Jordan Richardson

Now, this is what the Amarillo welcome sign should look like. It gives a nod to Route 66, Cadillac Ranch, Bell Helicopter, Palo Duro Canyon, Pantex, and the Sod Poodles. Which are all staples here in Amarillo. The only thing I would add is a guitar which would be a nod at all the country songs about Amarillo.

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