You never know if you're going to get tired during a road trip.
It's safe to say that most people don't realize how big Texas is. From Lubbock to Austin is over six hours.  Amarillo to Houston is over nine hours. Dalhart to Corpus Christi is around eleven hours. When you're putting in miles/hours like that, you may need a little breather.

The good news is, it's NOT illegal to sleep in your car in Texas, but you certainly need to watch your "p's and q's".  You can't be intoxicated or you could end up with a DWI (this one seems a little counterintuitive, shouldn't we encourage drinkers to pull over?) and you can't fall asleep in the driver's seat with your seat belt on (I guess it would once again be presumed that you are being careless or something). If you've pulled into a rest area, apparently you can only hang out for 24 hours.

All of this brings up the question, "where can I sleep?". There are the aforementioned rest areas, some big box stores, truck stops, and pretty much any place that is hospitable (some large convenience stores, etc). This mostly falls in the area of letting the proper people know what you're doing and being courteous to them as well. You would also be wise to consider your own safety as to where you stop because just because a place allows it, it doesn't mean that there is any form of security around.

Naps, as well as frequent stops to stretch your legs are always recommended to prevent "drowsy driving" which in 2017 (hey, that's the stats available) contributed to over 91,000 accidents and nearly 800 deaths. So yeah, please consider taking a nap if you're tired. It's perfectly legal.


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