And justice has been served...... right?

Well, in the case of former Amarillo native and daughter of a Amarillo Attorney who has his own problematic history that may not be so clear. It might even be debatable.

On Thursday Nov, 3rd 2017 while in Nashville Tennessee, Katie Quackenbush was accused of shooting Gerald Melton, a homeless man. Investigations revealed that Katie had gotten into an argument with Melton who was sleeping on a sidewalk near Quackenbush's parked Porsche. The Porsche had been making loud noises, which prompted Melton to approach the car and ask her to move her car. This quickly devolved into an argument, which then took a deadly turn. Quackenbush fired two shots at Melton, critically injuring the man.

Newschannel 5, via Youtube
Newschannel 5, via Youtube

Quackenbush was initially arrested and charged with attempted murder and was booked into Midtown Hills Precinct Jail with a 25,000 bond. She was indicted in 2018 and until recently was freed off of her paid bail. She was sentenced on Thursday, November 3rd, with her initial attempted murder charge being dropped to a reckless endangerment charge, a misdemeanor. She was given 11 months and 29 days of probation.

Although this is her first time being formally sentenced in court, Quackenbush has had quite the history of controversy surrounding her. From being sighted on escort pages, to threating infants and even her own mother, it can be seen that she is quite the character.  And you might wonder, how can she get off relatively clean from all of this? Well, if you're the daughter of wealthy Amarillo Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush, you may have some help. So regardless of the how unfair the ruling may seem to many, the decision has been made and that's a wrap on the story of how Quackenbush shot a homeless man.

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