So when I moved to Amarillo, one thing struck me right between the eyes surprisingly one night.

On the weekends, the wife and I have a tendency to stay up later. Without fail, we'll get hungry around midnight or so.

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In Austin, I'd just hop on one of my pizza apps and have some pies delivered to satisfy the food craving. Within the first couple of weeks of living here, we got that late-night craving for some pizza.

So I pop open my Dominos app. "Sorry, this location is currently closed". What?! It's 12:05 am! What pizza joint closes at midnight on the weekend? Ok, let's try Pizza Hut. Nope, same thing. Papa John's? Yeah, they're closed too.

We looked at each other dumbfounded. What were we going to do?

It was at that moment (as I drove around Georgia St looking for something open) I realized, we don't live in Austin anymore. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING was open aside from Whataburger. I thought about stopping there, but the line was into the street.

That was an indication to me that there was nothing open in Amarillo after midnight.

So what is it about Amarillo that has everything closing so early?

My guess would be that it's the lack of population in the city, but I've also noticed there isn't a whole lot of traffic on the road past 7 pm here. Does everyone just turn in for the evening early here?

I also saw something that it's because there's nothing but people that have been out drinking past midnight, and the crowd workers were having to deal with didn't make it worthwhile to be open.

Either way, I'd like to see a FEW more places open a bit later. I mean, I have a baby. What happens when I realize we need diapers at 1 am?

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