Before beginning this article, let me preface this with the fact that I have personally never worked in a service industry where a person's income heavily relies on tips. I have to utmost respect for the service industry and I try to tip as well as I can when it comes to good service.

Now having said that, let me get to my grievances about a certain type of tipping in Amarillo.

The Benefits of Square Pay

I understand that processing transactions for smaller businesses have been made so much easier in recent years thanks to Square Pay, but there's something about Square Pay that just irks me at times.

Whenever you are making ANY kind of purchase from an establishment, it seems like more often than not you will be asked if you would like to tip. This isn't much of a problem if I am buying something like coffee which requires a level of effort and care from an employee. But when I am buying from an antique shop or a smaller clothing store, I do question whether leaving a tip is necessary.

Who Does The Money Go To?

I mean, does the tip go to the establishment or the individual employee helping me? If it goes to the establishment, I'd be glad to leave a small tip to support small businesses. But if it goes to the employee, I'd have to ask whether it is necessary or not.

The feeling when you click on the "no tip" button is not a pleasant one, even if you are choosing not to leave a tip after buying a shirt from a local clothing store. Even if you don't see it as necessary to tip after a particular purchase, there's a lingering feeling of guilt that follows after saying no.

Am I wrong in this or do Square Tips have a place in more transactions other than ones based on service?

MEMES.......a la Amarillo, Texas

Check out some of these Amarillo-flavored memes that we've curated from around the World Wide Web and social media. They're surprisingly on-point and even a little savage.

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Say You're From Amarillo Without Saying You're From Amarillo

Amarillo is a pretty quirky place. We've got the Big Texan, the weird signs, and (obviously) the famed Cadillac Ranch. But more than that, there's a distinct culture of close-knit community, eccentrics, a thriving arts scene, and much more.

The point is, living in Amarillo is a unique experience. Because of that, it's really pretty easy to tell who's a native or a long-time resident. And I can prove it.

Here's a couple of ways you can say you're from Amarillo.....without saying you're from Amarillo.

Google Answers the Top 10 Questions About Amarillo

I love Google. It can literally answer ANYTHING you need it to answer. Whether it's right or wrong is a totally different question.

Recently, I found myself wondering about something and went to Google. And that's when I started noticing the "people also asked..." section and BOY...Some of them made perfect sense, some of them were interesting, and one of them was downright baffling...and it was a top 10 question which is even more absurd.

So let's see what we've got. Here's the top 10 questions as asked to Google about Amarillo.



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