So after too much scrolling on some obscure ghost story website, I stumbled upon an intriguing story titled "A Deadly Spirit Lurks Inside This Public Restroom in Amarillo" which told a pretty spooky tale.

The story involved a grizzly murder in an unnamed skate park restroom in Amarillo, which involved a girl who has stabbed and left to die.

As the story goes on, it details apparent local legends which cite the bathroom where she died as a hotspot for ghost activity. According to the author of this tale, the unnamed ghost of the woman who died in this bathroom lurks in the bathroom to this day.

The residents of close neighborhoods have learned to stay away from it because some have had traumatizing experiences.


I went in and it was all in mild darkness.

The trash was all scattered, there was a puddle of water on the floor…

But I didn’t mind so I went into a stall and started doing my thing anyway.

As I was there, I started hearing whispers as if someone was standing just outside my stall saying things.


After reading this story, I became pretty curious about the story of the girl who was murdered in the bathroom. The story is not very specific as to when and where the murder took place, which made finding information about this story difficult.

And after a good amount of scouring through Amarillo news and local pages on social media, I could not find any information regarding this murder or a haunted bathroom. You would think that information about such a grizzly murder in a park restroom would be easy to find, but nothing came up.

This led me to the sad conclusion that this story may of been a hoax. The vague information, coupled with the lack of any information surrounding this story just screamed "fake" to me.

It really seems that the scariest part of this story now is the idea of a ghost being trapped in the ghastly restrooms of Amarillo, which is a fate worse than anything I could possibly imagine.

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