I traveled to Lubbock weekend after last.  It is always a desolate trip.  From lack of radio stations to few engaging landmarks the ride can try your patience.  Tommy Womack has given you something to look at when you pass through Happy.

We didn't notice the cross on the way to Lubbock.  It was erected on Good Friday, the weekend before we took our trip.

We couldn't miss it coming back, it is next to the north bound lane.  I estimated it to be around 50 feet tall which was ten feet too much.  It is all white, sitting on a concrete base.  The cross is constructed of five tons of steel.  It is faceted much like a diamond with diamond like 'spikes' on the ends of the 't'.  It is very impressive and inspiring.

Womack got the idea from the large cross in Groom.

Thanks Tommy for making the trip to Lubbock just that more memorable.  From here on I know distance to and from Amarillo will be described with "I'm about a mile past the cross!"

For more see this source article.