When it comes to having fun, The Discovery Center is the place to have fun and learn.  Coming up they have a great way to learn at a great price.

I'm a sucker for great deals and sometimes, especially after the holidays and the first of the new year, money is tight.  However, that never stops the kids from being bored.   The Don Harrington Discovery Center has a way for you and the kids to have fun and not have to spend a lot of money.  They are hosting Discover for a Dollar.

Coming up on Friday, January 28th from 5pm-8pm, bring the family out to enjoy an evening of fun for just $1.

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Let the kids enjoy Toys: The Inside Story. It's only at the Discovery Center until May 28th.   They'll be able to check out the inner workings of toys.

The Maker Metropolis is also a fun exhibit where the kids get to learn all about building.  The kids can get hands on with heavy machinery and they will be able to try to to construct their own building.

The kids can get a feel of what it's like to be an an ant as they crawl through the ant crawler.

Get close with some amazing critters on Critter Row, including Pinky the snake.

Let's not forget about all the other exhibits you know and love including the Space Theater.

Bring the jackets so you and the family can head outside and experience the dinosaurs in the Outdoor Science Museum.  They just might be able to keep you warm.

Don't miss the opportunity for a night out with the family at an affordable price.  Discover for $1.

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