I love to cook when I have the time. That is usually my plans on the weekend. Cook food to eat the next week.

What I really love is anything that makes my work easier. I have an oven. It really is a great oven but I really don't use it that much anymore. Not since I got these great gifts for Mother's Day.

The first great gift was the Instant Pot! I love my Instant Pot. I got it from my daughter 2 years ago for Mother's Day. I started with the water test. I then graduated to making hard boiled eggs. If you haven't used it for that yet, you are missing out. It really is the only way I will make them. The shells just peel off so easily.

I have made roasts, whole chickens, chicken broth, yogurt and even wine! Yep! There are Facebook pages dedicated to this product with all types of great recipes. Oh and if you own one let me tell you how easy holiday's can be.

You can put all your potatoes in it to make mashed potatoes and after about 15 minutes they are ready to mash. Directly in the pot. You can serve them from there too. I mean this is a game changer.

I also like to make sweet potato casserole for the holiday's but again the time it takes to get them ready to mash. I just can't deal. Again the Instant Pot to the rescue.

So if you are looking for a product that will make mom happy this year for Mother's Day, get her an Instant Pot. Anything that speeds up my time and makes it easier for me to cook is a game changer.

Here is an idea! Get mom an Instant Pot and these simple ingredients:

A Chuck Roast (size depending on how many ppl.)

1 envelope of dry ranch dressing

1 envelope of dry au jus

jar of pepperoncini peppers (use 1/2 cup juice and 5 peppers)

1 cup of water or beef broth

Then all you have to do is throw everything in the Instant Pot and cook on manual for 40 minutes. After that you just let it sit until the pot depressurizes (called NPR in the Instant Pot world) at this point the roast should just be fall apart tender.

You are welcome! Now you not only gave mom a great present but a great dinner too. You are welcome!



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