Tonight was the opening night of the Tri-State Fair. I wasn't really sure what to expect.

That was ridiculous of me. Of course everything you could want at the Fair was there, and then some.

The Rides

The rides were great. Of course you have the giant Ferris Wheel. There's also the giant tower drop ride.

There were many of the staples. They had the giant swing that was near the ride that takes you in loop-de-loops over and over and over.

All in all, I have to say the ride selection is pretty good for this year.

The Food

This is quite possibly, in my humble opinion, the most important part. Once again, I was worried that maybe we wouldn't have all of the options available to us that we expect.

I was wrong. End of story.

They've pretty much got everything you could want. There were several vendors on hand serving all kinds of fried delicacies.

Not only fried, they've got all kinds of stuff on a stick, including steak. Yes, there are even those massive turkey legs. I saw a little kid trying to manage one of those things. It was as big as his face.

Shows and Attractions

I wasn't able to get around and see everything, however I did see the staging areas for some of the shows and attractions that take place throughout the fair. There are plenty to choose from. Just listen for the "barkers" to start shouting out that the show is getting ready to start.

For what my opinion is worth, the Fair this year has plenty to offer. The Tri-State Fair's big return definitely didn't disappoint.

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