Would you guess that it's more or less than $10k to get divorced in Texas? It's cheaper to get a divorce in Louisiana than it is here.

Every guy I've met over the past eight years on the dating apps has had an ex-wife, and I've heard some pretty incredible stories about how much the guys have paid in the divorce settlements and child support.  If it's a nasty divorce, the price tag escalates in a hurry, and one ex-boyfriend told me he paid about $30,000 to finalize the divorce and he continues to pay a hefty child support draft every month.  The kids are worth it, but it's a bill he probably wasn't expecting to have the day he walked down the aisle.

My ex and I split in 2013, and somehow we got off dirt cheap.  We had an amicable split and we agreed on almost everything, so we went to a mediator and had some papers drawn up that outlined the property split, and we signed the documents and had everything wrapped up for about $500 each.  I'm still amazed and grateful, and also extremely hesitant to tie the knot again anytime soon because I like being single and, well, I'm a little freaked out by a tied knot.

When you heard the news this week that Bill and Melinda Gates were getting a divorce, what was your first thought?  If it was a financial thought about the wad of cash it's going to separate the wads of cash they've accrued, you were probably in the norm. Melinda Gates filed for divorce in King County, Washington, and PEOPLE said the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement but will divide their assets according to a separation agreement. Melinda Gates is not asking for spousal support.  The Gates' net worth is $124 billion.

The cost of an average divorce in Texas is under $13K. Whew!  It costs about $300 to file the divorce petition, and then add lawyer fees, and the average divorce costs about $12,500 in Texas.  Of course, it could be a lot more if there are huge assets involved.  The average divorce costs $10,000 in Louisiana and around $8,000 in Arkansas.

Usually, but the time you've arrived at a big decision like getting a divorce, you're just ready to get it done and the financial part of it really doesn't matter, or at least it doesn't factor into the decision to split or not to split.  Once you've decided you want out, your sights are set on freedom, and it's hard to put a price tag on that.

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