What was the first thing you saw on Facebook when you woke up this morning? If your timeline is anything like mine I kept seeing stories of Sam Elliott being spotted all over Amarillo.

Amarillo is About to be the Up and Coming Place to Hang for the Famous?

Not only Sam. There was also Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. They made an appearance here too. I mean cool. We are about to see a bunch more of Hollywood here in Amarillo and I am ok with that.

With the talks of 6666 Ranch being used to film Yellowstone. Oh and now it has been bought by Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, there are talks of spin-offs and all being filmed there too. So when you are outside of Borger it just makes sense that the actors will spend a lot of time hanging out here in Amarillo.

Case in point, yesterday. Sam Elliott was spotted at a few different places. My friend, Bobby, posted this photo.

credit: Bobby Amarillo

He saw Sam Elliott at the Barfield Speakeasy Wednesday evening. He felt awkward asking for a photo. So he snuck that one. At the end of the bar is Tim McGraw hugging his wife, Faith Hill. He did finally go up and talk to them.

What a good night in Amarillo that must have been. Bobby said they were all very nice. They were in the area shooting the prequel to Yellowstone called 1883. So of course this seems like Amarillo is about to become the happening place again. Oh, and not because Oprah is on trial like last time.

More People Ran into Sam, Tim and Faith

Then I saw these photos floating around Facebook too. These were also taken in the Barfield Speakeasy last nigh. This is Richard Donaldson from Amarillo with the whole crew.

Here is Richard with Sam Elliott.

credit: Richard Donaldson Amarillo

Just Richard hanging out with Faith Hill.

credit: Richard Donaldson Amarillo

I think Tim got a little jealous of the last photo so he jumped in a photo with his wife and Richard.

credit: Richard Donaldson Amarillo

Have you seen anyone around town? Did you run into Sam Elliott? Comment below and tell us about your run in.

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