Nothing has been worse than seeing everything that we loved last year get cancelled. We get it. We were living through a freaking pandemic. Who knew that was going to be a year in the making.

Now that everything is getting back to normal some of the events are starting to make their comeback too. There is no other way to feel normal again then getting out and enjoying some entertainment.

If you have ever been downtown in the summer on a Wednesday you know about High Noon on the Square. That is put on every year by Center City. It is basically a chance for people to break away from work and head outside for some mingling, food and song.

It's a great way to break up the monotony of a Wednesday. If you work in Downtown Amarillo it may even be walking distance for you. If not it is sure worth the trip. Every week they feature a different act, they also feature a different restaurant. You can grab your lunch there or bring your own.

This year they are back. Awwww. High Noon. The location is the Potter County Courthouse lawn and they are ready for a normal year. So let's bring it.

Our first taste of High Noon is happening on June 2nd and will continue for the next 9 weeks. It will wind up on July 28th. Kick off time is noon each Wednesday. Center City just asks that you bring your own lawn chair or blanket.

You will be able to see the full list of food and entertainment on Center City's website and Facebook pages. Grab your coworkers and pick out a Wednesday to escape end head downtown for a great hour outside.

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