I saw a story about an asteroid that NASA said may actually have a shot at hitting our wonderful blue marble that we call home. Before you look much into the Asteroid Bennu, they are looking at a time frame between now and 2300 and really the best chance is around 2182. I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure I won't be around. The odds are 1 in 1,750. So I got to thinking. I'm not much of a gambling man but those are still pretty remote. So what about other events? Things that might be more tangible in our lifetime and just because I'm that guy... In no particular order.

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Catching a Foul Ball At A Sod Poodles Game

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

So you decided to head over to Hodgetown to catch a Sod Poodles or Sod Squad Game. with the crack of the bat a player hits one that goes foul... the odds you're gonna catch this one? 1 in 835. Catching a second one? 1 in 1 billion.

Being Born

Dieter Meyrl

Congratulations! If you are reading this you already beat the odds! This one is astronomical first of all your parents had to meet and well... things had to work out. and even then your existence was a 1 in 5.5 trillion. fun fact there is a  1 in 1461 chance you could be born on leap day.

Dying in A Hurricane


Ok, Here in the Panhandle I'd say unless we had the mother of all hurricanes your odds of this happening are pretty much non existent, but if you were down on the coast getting your beach on... 1 in 62,000

Not Being Able to Read This Article


If you're reading this you're not the 1 in 7 who may not be able to read. although with literacy groups here in Amarillo like Story Bridge and the Imagination Library this is improving.

Bowling a Perfect Game


Ok, Maybe you're at Western Bowl or Cinergy... and you want to go for that perfect 300... you can there's a 1 in 11,500 chance you'll nail it.

Graduating from Amarillo College or WT within 6 Years of Starting

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Here's one... college is expensive so you want to get it out of the way quick. Life happens. The odds of completing in 6 years or less is 2 out of 5 students..

Getting Your Car Stolen

Alexey Zarodov

Now here in Amarillo this one is one that we aren't so happy with. The odds are 1 in 250 your car will get stolen. 1 in 5 of those will be recovered and returned back to the owner. there's a few tips that might help you defy those odds. (Hint: Lock your car)

Winning the Lottery

Justin Sullivan

Here's one. Becoming a lotto millionaire is tough, The Powerball is 1 in 292 million and Mega Millions isn't any better at 1 in 302 million. When you do win... you gotta tell Uncle Sam. He'll want his cut, and if not... you have a 1 in 220 chance of getting audited

Of all the odds, I hope the odds are good you'll share this with a friend!

This $1.8 Million Mansion Has The Biggest Backyard In The World

This is a beautiful Mediterranean-style mansion with one truly stellar feature: the backyard.

The backyard is quite large, indeed, as it's a stunning view of Palo Duro Canyon. While the large home is incredible itself for a number of luxurious features, you'll find yourself coming back to how much you love that incredible vista of the canyon.

Located at 10900 Indian Camp Trl, Canyon, TX this home is listed for $1.8 million through Sabre Coffer at eXp Realty, LLC

Every Time Jeopardy! Asked a Question About Amarillo

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