In what is a pretty despicable turn of events, an Amarillo couple is reeling with disbelief after their daughter's specialized Amtryke bike was callously stolen.


Zoe's Amtryke bike, meticulously custom-made and placed on a two-year waiting list, held immeasurable value to her. This ride allowed her to cycle while still wearing her oxygen, which must have been a huge convenience for her. But it has fallen victim to the clutches of some heartless individual, who also made off with their blue adult trike that served Zoe before the arrival of the Amtryke.

Zoe's parents initially did not feel the need to deadbolt their daughter's Amtryke down, but can you blame them? I mean, who would expect someone to waltz into their driveway and snatch these unique rides from someone who clearly needs it more than you? Surely, common decency and respect for other people's property would prevail. Oh, how wrong they were!

So let's take a moment to appreciate the sheer genius of these culprits. Not only did they manage to run off with bikes that are not only heavy but also specifically designed for people who are in need of these bikes. Bravo! Who knew a life of crime could require such strong muscles and zero consciences?

So if you happen to spot anyone flaunting or shamelessly trying to sell these stolen treasures, especially the Amtryke, do the right thing and reach out to the couple. Let's bring these idiots to justice and our faith in humanity. Because I can be the first to say that we as a community will not and cannot stand for something like this.

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