We're very proud of our conservative lineup on The New 940 KIXZ.  I've often said, 'we've got everybody but Rush Limbaugh' and that's the truth.  Just look at the 'Heavy Hundred' list of top talk show hosts in the country.  Yes, Rush is number one.  Duh.

Coming in at a close second would be Sean Hannity.  OUR Sean Hannity.  You can catch Sean weekdays from 2pm-5pm and it's great show.

And at third it's Dr. Savage.  Yes the man banned from England but with a home in you conspiracy theorist heart logged in  right behind Hannity.  OUR Micheal Savage.  You can hear his show weekday evenings right after Hannity from 5pm-8pm.

Congratulations to our superbly performing talk lineup and thanks to you for listening the The New 940, KIXZ!

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