In the tight-knit communities of small Texas Panhandle towns, you'd figure folks would know how to live in harmony. But sadly it turns out that we've got some individuals who would rather watch the world burn to their benefit.

The city of Borger's Facebook page recently announced that the town's "self-help" lawnmower had been shamelessly stolen by an unknown individual. This trimming thief's motives are currently unknown, but this theft has left a hole in the hearts and minds of Borger's lawncare buffs.

Borger currently runs a program featuring a "self-help" mower, offering lawn care services to individuals in need. In order to gain access to Borger's communal lawn equipment, citizens had to register on a waiting list.

According to comments made by the city of Borger's Facebook page, the lawnmower was stolen from an individual who had borrowed it. Thankfully the cited stated that they are currently working on replacing the lawnmower for its citizens to use.

The post gained traction from the Borger community, who all expressed frustration at this despicable crime. Some suggested that the city start charging a $10 fee for borrowers, while others recommended that tracking devices be put on the new lawnmower.

It's a shame that a public amenity would be stolen in such a manner, but that's the world we sadly live in. Thankfully, this minor tragedy brought the community together in their frustration against this lawn looter and even made for some humorous discussion among Borger residents.

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