If you're looking for love and happiness in a glazed dough circle, Amarillo is the place for you. It comes as no surprise that our area hosts a plethora of stops for your donut needs. Rise N Shine Donuts, Grandpa's Donuts, House of Donuts, and of course, Amarillo's iconic Donut Stop are just a few of the many options you have in Amarillo.

But out of the countless options that Amarillo has in terms of donuts there's still one franchise that Amarillo seems to be missing out on. And that franchise of course is Krispy Kreme.

The fact that the nearest Krispy Kreme to us is in Lubbock is insane. That's almost a 2-hour drive for some perfectly glazed Krispy Kreme donuts that I would have to make.

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I am fully aware of the fact that Amarillo currently has Krispy Kreme displays in some pak-a-sak stores around the city, but there are only so many options in a display case. There's no replicating the experience and the quality of the true Krispy Kreme experience.

Back in 2002, Amarillo had a Krispy Kreme store located close to I-40 and Coulter. However, its existence was brief. At the time, the dominant force in Amarillo's donut scene was Donut Stop. Unfortunately, this and a handful of other factors culminated in the shutdown of Amarillo's Krispy Kreme in 2005.

However, since Krispy Kreme's closing in 2005, the donut landscape in Amarillo has changed. The rise of competitors against the Donut Stop dynasty has given us many more options for Donuts in the past 18 years. And if there's a perfect time for Krispy Kreme to open a location in Amarillo, now is the time.

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