Did you know that Amarillo and the area around Amarillo is prime for supernatural activity?

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I ran across an article the other day that said Amarillo was in the Top Ten Most Supernatural Cities in Texas.

Naturally, I didn't believe it but I decided to research for myself.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center,  Amarillo has reported 51 UFO sightings.  Looking at the GhostsofAmarica.com data, Amarillo has reported 70 ghost sightings.

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Using data from the above websites, I re-compiled the Top 10 in Texas for Supernatural Happenings.

  1. Houston- 48 Ghosts, 433 UFOs
  2. Austin- 115 Ghosts, 342 UFOs
  3. El Paso- 197 Ghosts, 133 UFOs
  4. Dallas- 64 Ghosts, 231 UFOs
  5. San Antonio- 27 Ghosts, 277 UFOs
  6. Corpus Christi- 103 Ghosts, 85 UFOs
  7. Ft. Worth- 40 Ghosts, 131 UFOs
  8. Laredo- 103 Ghosts, 15 UFOs
  9. Arlington- 34 Ghosts, 82 UFOs
  10. Amarillo- 70 Ghosts, 51 UFOs

I'm not really surprised, just look at some of the video evidence of hauntings in Amarillo.   Not to mention a downtown bar used to be a funeral parlor, and strange things always happen in the building.

Amarillo Public Library Photo Archive
Amarillo Public Library Photo Archive

The Nat Ballroom is said to be haunted.  Jackson Square Apartments, demolished in 2015, was said to be haunted.

Here's some of the data on other Texas Panhandle towns.

Borger -  13 Ghosts, 5 UFOs
Canyon-  8 Ghosts, 6 UFOs
Claude-  1 Ghost, 1 UFO
Dumas-  13 Ghosts, 2 UFOs
Hereford-  18 Ghosts, 2 UFOs
Pampa-  2 Ghosts, 7 UFOs
Panhandle-  2 Ghosts, 2 UFOs
Vega-  1 Ghost, 1 UFO

It seems that supernatural activity is all over the Texas Panhandle.  I have never seen a spirit or a UFO, hmm, maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots.

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