Seems like drug traffickers moving through the Northwest Texas area haven't been the brightest this month.

A passenger on a greyhound bus in Amarillo was caught with nearly 9 pounds of cocaine in his luggage.

After searching a greyhound bus stationed in Amarillo, Amarillo Police Department's K9 unit was able to locate and alert officers to a duffel bag containing drugs. When APD officers searched the bag they found 4 packages of a white, powdery substance.

The officers put the bag back in its place, and later undercover DEA agents entered the bus to identify who the bag belonged to. One of the agents grabbed the bag from where it was stored and was suddenly confronted by a passenger sitting underneath the storage compartment where the bag was taken from. The passenger claimed to have owned the bag.

The confirmed owner of the bag, David Jose Topete was promptly arrested on Federal Drug Charges and an arrest warrant from Alabama.

The bag was confirmed to have contained nearly 9 pounds of cocaine worth around $336,000.

When questioned Topete claimed to have been traveling from Tijuana, Mexico to California and said that he did not know if the bag contained fentanyl or cocaine, and admitted to previously serving time for drug-related crimes.

Madison County Sheriff's Office
Madison County Sheriff's Office

In 2019, Topete had been previously arrested in Alabama due to his connection with another drug trafficker who had been busted transporting 24 pounds of ice or "Mexican Meth" The two were placed on a 1 million dollar bond and were charged with drug trafficking but at some point was released.

DeKalb County Sheriff's Office
DeKalb County Sheriff's Office

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Updated as of 6/18/2022

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