The sun has finally set on another Amarillo icon in Amarillo Texas. This time, it's Amarillo's Wienerschnitzel on the Boulevard, which was finally demolished yesterday after being closed for some time.

Anthony Hernandez, TSM
Anthony Hernandez, TSM

Within the past few years this Wienerschnitzel, went from being 'temporarily closed' to having 'for-sale' signs up. So pretty permanent. The heartbreak was real. I could hardly believe my eyes when the once-thriving hotdog joint turned into an empty lot.

Television Appearances 

But this Wienerschnitzel was not just any old Wienerschnitzel. It was actually featured on the show, Undercover Boss. The CEO of Wienerschnitzel, Cindy Galardi Culpepper, made the trip to Amarillo for the 'Undercover Boss 100th episode.

At the end of the emotionally charged episode, Culpepper made a heartwarming grand. She bestowed upon TJ Westbrook, of Amarillo, Texas, the full ownership of the franchise that Westbrook and his girlfriend operated. It was a moment of triumph at the time, equivalent to more than $500,000 in value.

But alas, as we fast forward to the present day, we find the Amarillo Blvd East Wienerschnitzel a mere memory. The sight of Amarillans enjoying chili cheese fries, the smell of chili cheese dogs all on a perfectly toasted bun - all gone, vanished, like a delicious dream.

Goodbye Wienerschnitzel

We bid adieu to the Wienerschnitzel on Amarillo Blvd East, for it was not just a fast-food joint; it was an institution of hotdog happiness. Let us remember the good times, the laughter, and the camaraderie shared over the glorious hotdogs served under its roof.

Farewell, dear Wienerschnitzel. May you rest in sausages.

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