An early loss in 2023 for Northwest Texans.

On December 31st, 2022 former State Representative David Swinford passed away at BSA Hospital at the age of 86.

Born in Witchita Falls in 1941, Swinford went to university at Texas Tech where he got his Bachelor in Science Degree before moving to Dumas. While living in Dumas Swinford became heavily involved in the agriculture industry. With the help of others, Swinford was able to purchase Moore County Grain, which grew into one of the largest grain companies in the state of Texas.

Not only was Swinford active in the grain industry but he was active in his community as well, participating and serving in but not limited to Dumas' Booster Club, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Dumas ISD's board of Trustees, and the Dumas Economic Development Corporation.

In 1991, Swinford's contributions to his went beyond that of local government when he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives which gave him to the opportunity to make influence change on a wider scale. Serving on many committees from livestock to government reform committees, Swinford and his influence was able to positively affect the Texas Panhandle and more specifically, Amarillo.

In wake of his death, he was honored and remembered by influential figures in the Texas Panhandle such as his predecessor and current Texas State Rep, Four Price who expressed his condolences in a Facebook post.

The Swinford family will be holding the funeral service on January 6th at the Sunray Church of Christ and the burial will take place in Austin at the Texas State Cemetary.

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