When life gives you floods, why not grab a kayak and paddle your way down Paramount Street?

Well, Amarillo residents have turned the unexpected flooding into an adventure, as they take to the flooded thoroughfare for some unconventional kayaking fun. Who needs Lake Meredith when you have a street-turned-waterway?

Paramount Street, typically filled with cars and pedestrians, now boasts a unique form of traffic – kayakers gliding through the urban rapids  The city's flooded streets have become the ultimate playground for these water enthusiasts, transforming Amarillo into the "Venice of Texas."

Forget traffic jams and potholes; now it's all about dodging lampposts, street signs, and trash from Lake Lawrence while perfecting those kayak maneuvers. I'd imagine that this will make an unforgettable experience for both participants and onlookers because it's definitely left an impression on me.

As videos of these audacious kayakers navigating through the submerged street go viral, it's a reminder that some Americans know how to turn even the worst of situations into an opportunity for some fun.

So, if you find yourself in Amarillo during a flood, as water levels continue to rise as rain keeps coming don't be surprised if you see more kayakers paddling down some of Amarillo's streets that would otherwise be unnavigable by car.

In all seriousness, witnessing people gliding through the submerged road can serve as a reminder of the resilient spirit that dwells within Amarillo's community. Even in the face of adversity, these individuals find some sort of positive amount of watery turmoil. It is a testament to our ability to find silver linings in the most unexpected of circumstances.

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