In a thrilling turn of events on June 7th, the Amarillo Police Department (APD) found themselves embroiled in an episode of classic Amarillo chaos.

It all began when a distressed female called 911 at 9:54 AM this morning, claiming that someone was attempting to run her over at the 1000 block of Almond Avenue. Unfortunately, the caller abruptly hung up before any more information could be given.

Officers soon arrived on the scene and much to their surprise, they spotted a white Ford F-150, with a female who appeared to be waving down at the officers. As soon as officers turned their vehicle towards the F-150, the driver began to drive erratically while passing multiple stop signs.

The officers pursued the suspect, but the driver was somehow able to evade the officers for a short while. The officers continued to search for the suspect, only to rediscover the truck wedged against a metal pole at the intersection of Northeast 15th Avenue and North Garfield Street.

Thankfully, the passenger-turned-victim survived the misadventure with non-life-threatening injuries. The male driver, however, fled the scene leaving no trace of his whereabouts.

According to sources from the APD, the suspect is still at large, and officers are currently investigating the scene and searching for the male suspect

In Amarillo's law enforcement history this year, this peculiar incident will undoubtedly be remembered as a pretty crazy incident, involving reckless driving, and a driver who vanished into the wind like a modern-day Houdini. So now we wait eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this amusing chronicle, as APD officers work towards bringing this enigmatic driver to justice.

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