The blinker. It's one of the first things they teach you about in driving school.

You realize where it is, right? It's that long stick to the left of the steering wheel. Can't miss it.

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Well, apparently Amarillo doesn't realize what that stick is for. This is an epidemic in the city, without question.

Do they not put blinkers on cars that are sold in Amarillo? I'm pretty sure I've seen a few of the newer models on the road, and it appears a couple of them came with them. Is it an added premium feature?

Look, the blinkers are there for a reason. They're there to alert people that you're getting ready to slow down and make a turn. I mean, the heads up is pretty nice. It allows me the opportunity to be ready for your movement.

However, the amount of times I've almost barreled into the back of a car is staggering. Look, I'm paying attention and I see the brake lights. It's the quick drop in speed then random movement I wasn't expecting...because you didn't give me a heads up.

How about when you're on the highway? This one infuriates me the most. A car gets ahead of you in the left lane. You're in the right lane. All of a sudden, you can see what's sitting in the cup holder in the front seat...because they just whipped on over without giving you a courtesy note that they were making their way to you.

Truthfully I'd LOVE to see some statistics about how many accidents are caused in Amarillo due to failure to properly signal. While those stats are gathered up, can we please remember to flick that stick when you're getting ready to send your car in a different direction?


The entire city of Amarillo...and our insurance companies.

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