A piece of Amarillo history is no longer.

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The property at the  Amarillo Stockyards located at 100 S. Manhattan, is said to have been sold to a scrap metal company.

Amarillo Livestock Auction was once home to the Stockyards Cafe, which if you never had a chance to eat there, you missed out on some of the best food to ever grace the great city of Amarillo and the best chicken fried steak.

You could eat, then go to a cattle auction.  It was the place to buy cattle here in Amarillo for many, many, years.   Even people who weren't in the cattle or livestock business would head to the Amarillo Livestock Auction, just to eat at the Stockyards Cafe.

I recently ran across a post in a group I'm in and the Amarillo Livestock Auction land was brought up and stated that they had it from a reliable source that, "one of the scrap metal company’s bought the property."  It also went on to say that all the office and restaurant items were being auctioned off.

I did some research on PRAD and 100 N. Manhattan St., which is where the Amarillo Stockyards and Cafe were located, Pine Street Salvage Co. took over the deed on July 1, 2022.

I did find a youtube video that showed all the brands from the restaurant being auctioned off.  Unfortunately, if you were looking to get your hands on those, the auction was back in June.

Although the Stockyards Cafe and Auction have been closed for a while, it's just sad to see that this historical piece of Amarillo won't ever be revived.

A historical marker used to hang on the front of the Amarillo Livestock Auction Building and read:

Established to serve the first permanent industry in the Texas Panhandle--ranching. Now famed for handling more cattle than any other commission auction company in the United States.<br />The years 1874-1878 saw Indians expelled, buffalo herds exterminated, and ranches established in the region. Longhorns were trailed to Dodge City for shipment. After railroads came, ranchmen rode the cattle trains to care for herds en route to market.<br /> Railroad construction across the Texas Panhandle in 1887 established Amarillo as the largest rural cattle shipping point in the nation (1892-1897).<br /> More efficient handling began in 1904 with the founding by O.H. Nelson, Al Popham, and associates of the Western Stockyards, predecessor of Amarillo Livestock Auction. This livestock commission market opened in 1935 with the sale of 36 cattle and 21 horses by Jack Coulter, Auctioneer, and Virgil Light, Manager. In 1940 Jay Taylor and Eddie Johnson bought the Western Stockyards and constructed the present sales ring, incorporated 1945 as Amarillo Livestock Auction Company. Marketing was revolutionized.<br /> Annual sales exceed 400,000 cattle valued at more than $78,000,000. (1970)
 Many years of history, and deals happened in this location and over a good 'ol chicken fried steak.

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