As I was driving down the I-27 a few months ago, I saw a large building being constructed. At first, I thought it was going to be a neighborhood Walmart, I mean it seems like a pretty good location to have one and the entire exterior silhouette looked like a neighborhood Walmart.

I never really paid much attention to it, but as time went on and construction of what I thought was going to be another Walmart came to a close. And finally, when I drove by it, I was genuinely surprised to find that it wasn't a Walmart, but a church!

Google Maps
Google Maps

I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. It's not every day that you mistake a house of worship for a big-box retailer. I must admit, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't going to be a Walmart because it honestly would have been a perfect location for that area.

But come on, with that shape and layout how could you not mistake that for a neighborhood Walmart? Without signs and some specific details, they look very similar.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I mean maybe I missed a sign nearby or something that publicized what this location was intended to be before its completion. But in my defense, when you are driving 70 miles per hour down I-27 while having to deal with Amarillo drivers you can't really spare more than a quick glance at roadside features.

So while I may have initially thought that it was going to be a Walmart, I now see that this was actually intended to be a Church the entire time.

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